Knowledge has now become the fourth factor, after Land, Labor & Capital, due to its critical role in Growth, Innovation & Productivity. As an organization based on leading edge Knowledge, our philosophy is that it is a force-multiplier for modern businesses, and grows exponentially when disseminated.  

We are Advisors & Consultants with critical capabilities & networks to deliver Practical Solutions for success in business, for large corporations & SMEs.  Our Corporate Purpose is to enable Success of Knowledge based businesses, through transfer of high quality Expertise based Knowledge to our Clients.   

We facilitate SMEs in shaping their own future, realizing their full potential and creating even greater possibilities for themselves through the Platforms that we offer.  We support Entrepreneurship by providing expertise and by enabling financial Investments as fuel for growth for businesses at critical junctures.

As part of our Social Responsibilities we participate in creation & dissemination of Knowledge through publications, studies & mentoring of Entrepreneurs & Students. Highest Standards of Integrity at all times is our Core Value, and we demand this from ourselves & expect this from all those who interact with us.  We enable Responsible & Sustainable Business Growth, which also makes a positive contribution to Society.  We create Value for our Clients, and expect to create fair value for society.  

We invite you to contact us to know more about us and about our services, and to participate in the exchange of knowledge on the Knowledge Forum.


Upcoming Workshops & Events:   

Launch of Book: "Start-up to Scale-up" Entrepreneur's Guide to Venture Capital.

Available in print and as an e-book. Publisher Notion press

Past Events:  On Entrepreneurship,  Private Equity & Venture Capital, Strategy, Knowledge Sharing and Mentoring.