Our Team

Our eclectic Advisors  guide us in shaping our philosophy, remaining true to our values, delivering sustainable business solutions, and in maintaining the highest standards of quality & governance in all our activities.  The advisors have decades of experience as leaders, mentors, thinkers and builders of businesses.   Our Advisors are profiled below.

A highly accomplished business leader with more than 40 years of experience in several sectors, Mr. Chakravarti has led large & small businesses, MNCs & Indian companies, and large & mid-size companies in growth & turnaround situations.  His extensive experience includes leadership of functions like Commercial, Finance, HR, Business Development and Strategy.  He has held very senior positions in General Management, M&A and SBUs, and as Managing Director & CEO of companies.  He has been a senior manager in FMCG, Chemicals, Agriculture, Telecom, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Consulting & Private Equity, and has been on the Boards of several companies.  Mr. Chakravarti has mentored several professionals who have risen to leadership roles in their careers.  He is a visiting faculty at leading business schools,  Board member, mentor and on the Advisory Council of professional service firms. 


A leader in integrating Science & Technology with business, Dr. Kumar has been head of R&D for Unilever in India, Executive Director of an international university and leading scientific establishment like ISRO.  He has developed large multidisciplinary R&D organizations into high performing global units. His leadership has resulted in his teams developing & executing several technologies, many of which are creating significant business value in Chemicals, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Polymers & Water.  While excelling as a Technology manager, Dr. Kumar possesses keen strategic insights into business & human  management and entrepreneurial drive.  His leadership blends creativity, governance, motivation & team-building leading to effective delivery.   Dr. Kumar is an author of more than 35 international publications & 35 international patents.  He is a leadership mentor for two mid-size businesses, is a mentor to senior managers in Leadership and conducts workshops on Creativity Management, Resource Management & Path to Excellence.  His publication “Lasting Corporations” is under review.