What We Do

The core of our company and its activities is Knowledge.  We are partners, advisors & consultants who provide access to Expertise & an extensive Network, which is underpinned by high quality Experience.  As Practical Strategists we partner entrepreneurs & businesses in their growth & requisite transformation by advising relevant & focused solutions which are based on decades of management experience of our Experts. Each of our Experts has at least 25 years of experience in organizations which have been leaders in their respective sectors.   

Our Expertise can be accessed through focused short-term engagements or multi-day assignments as per business requirements.  Our Experts can provide deep insights into various Industries, Businesses & Functions and add significant strategic value to Clients through: 

  • Corporate & Business Strategy (Formulation & Execution), for Growth, Turnaround & Restructuring
  • Integration Management Office for success in M&A
  • Business Due Diligence in various Industries
  • Organization Design (Structure, Systems, Processes, Culture & Management Style)
  • Leadership Development & Thought Leadership
  • Marketing & Sales Management
  • Supply Chain &  Logistics
  • Functional Management (Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations and R&D)
  • Science & Technology: Insights & Management

We invite you to review the short profiles of our Experts listed under Expert Profiles, and Contact Us  for more information.

We facilitate the growth of Knowledge based entrepreneurship by connecting early stage companies with potential Investors through Entrepreneur Net.®  Our Experts screen investment proposals before the Investors review them, thereby being of value to Entrepreneurs & Investors alike.  We invite Entrepreneurs & Investors to visit the section of the web-site under Entrepreneur Net.®  We are sensitive to the need for confidentiality and this platform is open to pre-screened participants only.  

We deliver Workshops and Lectures for Businesses, Universities, Incubators, Management Associations and Think-tanks.  We also contribute to generation & dissemination on Knowledge and Insights on various subjects thorough publications and lectures.