Science / Technology

A leader in R&D, this expert has more than 40 years of experience leading large R&D establishments on global strategic research platforms.  He has vast experience in basic & applied research.  He has led all aspects of a leading research establishment like ethics, scientific reviews, IPR, IT, Administration and delivery to business.  Expert code no. FCW-RSTHBKVA02


A highly accomplished scientist with more than 40 years of experience in managing international technology programs in industrial and consumer goods.  He has conceptualized, developed and commercialized a number of technologies and processes based a number of technical disciplines.  Several of these products have become billion dollar businesses in Emerging Markets.  He is a Chemical Engineer by education.  Expert code no. FC-STRQSMPWA04.


A highly accomplished scientist with more than 45 years of consulting & teaching experience, he is a leader  in Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry.   His specializations includes Phytopharmaceuticals, Herbal Drugs, Drug Discovery & NDDS. He is on the editorial board of several leading scientific publications, a member of the Pharmacy Council of India, AICTE, UGC, UPSC & TIFAC.  He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement award by the Society of Pharmacognosy, and has authored more than 1oo publications.  Expert code no.  BPHST-RRGVMSA02


An Expert with more than 35 years of experience in Innovation  including developing and commercializing processes, products, and formulations.  He has developed several products and successfully transferred the technology to the Supply Chain.  He has conceptualized products at laboratory scale, established pilot plant processes and then scaled them up successfully.  He has managed several efficiency enhancement and cost reduction projects in production.  He is highly experienced in specification development, vendor development, third-party sourcing qualification and has managed certification programs like ISO9001.  Expert code no. FC-STRMPBVA05